Introducing Spoke via Email _ Email Template

Hi Team,

At <Company name> we value being at the head of using innovative tools that enable each and every one of us to work better together.

This is why we are so excited to launch Spoke, a simpler, smarter way to manage requests.

When you submit a request, Spoke will try to answer or route your question to the right person. As requests get resolved, Spoke learns the answers, saving all of us time. You’ll get the answers you’re looking for right away without worrying about interrupting your teammates. The more you use it, the more helpful Spoke will be for all of us.

Get quick answers to common questions or submit a request to <TEAM> such as:

  • What is our holiday schedule?
  • Can I get a new laptop?
  • Where do I find paper towels?
  • What’s the WiFi password?
  • We need to onboard Stephanie

Once you receive the welcome email from Spoke, you are ready to go!

Send requests to <TEAM> in the communication tools you already use:
• Email <EMAIL> for larger requests: Email the same <company’s team email>, but keep an eye out for an automatic response with the answer. If you receive the correct answer, click the button that says “This resolved my request.”

Remember: Help Spoke learn by always replying Yes or No to “Does that help?” If you reply “No,” a request will be created and the right team will get back to you.

Learn how to use Spoke in Slack

Learn how to make requests Private


If you have any questions, ask Spoke. ;)

-[Your name]

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