Starting a request on Slack

Spoke can be where you're already working. If you're using Slack to exchange information with your team, it's just easy to start a request with Spoke over Slack as well! 

First, your Slack will need to be connected with Spoke in order to allow any requests to get started. 

You'll also need to make sure that Spoke is invited to the Slack channel you want to start the request in. Some Spoke users like to start a Spoke channel in their Slack to make all their requests. 

Once those are both complete, all a user needs to do to start a request is just tag Spoke in Slack with @spoke, just like you're tagging a coworker.

As with any request started on Spoke, the KB will be searched to see if there are any resources available that might be ideal to respond to your request. If so, Spoke will respond directly on Slack with the resource!

If Spoke doesn't find any resources, it will ask to verify that the item should be turned into a request and assigned to somebody so more action can be taken. 


From there, the person responding can create a new KB resource to answer future inquiries that are similar or offer another response or reassign if necessary. You can track your request in Spoke as it gets resolved, including reassign to a different team or close the request if no further action is necessary.

You can also directly @spoke  like you were starting a direct conversation within Slack rather than communicate in a channel!

Spoke will respond just like any other request and search for a KB resource and/or assign it to a team to get it resolved. 

Tip: requests created from Slack will not be marked private in Spoke unless assigned to a Private team or made private by the user in the Spoke platform directly. 

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