Private requests

Sometimes you may need to make a request that you don't want to be visible to everybody in your organization. This is why Spoke offers the ability to designate a request as private! 

To use this feature, make a request as usual. Please note, the Privacy option can currently only be enabled through the Spoke platform, so any requests you wish to keep private should be started within the platform. 

Once created, you'll see the request will likely be assigned to a Team and/or person very quickly. But by clicking the Private button on the upper right, you can limit who can see this request. 

You'll also need to designate whom you want to have access. You can remove a full Team from seeing it by removing assigned teams from the request. 

If you leave a team assigned, everybody on that team will be able to see the request. 

You can also designate exactly who you would like to assign the request to and allow access by assigning it to that person - and unassigning anybody who shouldn't be able to see it. 

When the request is marked private and assigned correctly, only the assigned person(s) will be able to view and respond to it. This will enable you to keep delicate information discrete while still using Spoke. 

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