Is Spoke better than what you're using now?

With new users joining Spoke, we're hearing great feedback and are enjoying talking to and hearing from our users. 

A comment we've heard a few times is, "I don't see how Spoke is different or better than my current system." 

At Spoke we think the ability to build a library of KB resources, combined with Spoke's ability to learn how to better serve you and your organization over time with our simple tool is a big positive change from the current crop of ticketing systems. 

If you're using Spoke, have you started seeing Spoke answer questions for you and get you more time in the day? 

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  • Hey Drew, we're starting to use Spoke a lot here at Resonance!

    We currently keep a lot of documentation on how to use our user interfaces in Confluence, as it allows us to group and structure related information into a single article that we can share when people have any number of questions about a given feature. In many cases, we are using Spoke as a simple intermediary to quickly link a user to the relevant article in confluence, instead of someone having to manually send a link every time it's asked, or having users dig through folders of documentation to find the relevant article when they have a question. 

    We're also starting to use .gifs to visually document how to use features. It's a much easier way to communicate how to do something than typing out a list of instructions and using static images. We want these .gifs to be automatically linked to users when they ask related questions, to quickly show them how to do what they want to do. Because we want to keep the .gifs in decent quality, these files are usually 20 MB - 40 MB and unfortunately Spoke won't accept them directly as Resources, due to file size I presume. So we've started uploading them to our Company's Google Drive and using the Spoke Google Drive integration to link to them. Spoke actually creates a little thumbnail preview of the gif for the resource when we do this, which we love. It would be nice for visual thumbnail previews like this to appear in Slack when Spoke responds to a user with a link!

    All in all Spoke is helping us centralize our knowledge, keep track of questions and suggestions in Slack that may have otherwise been lost, and in a growing number of cases helping our users get answers without having to bother others.

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