Adding Teams

Teams in Spoke are how you keep organized and ensure new requests get directed to the best users to resolve them. 


Create a New Team

Starting a new Team just requires clicking the + button on the lower right on the Teams page. Teams can be created for any set of people who handle certain types of tasks or skills, like any great superhero movie! 

Each team will need a team name. Descriptions and key words also help your users in keeping Spoke organized and requests directed to the best possible people to solve them. 

To change the Icon of the team, just hover over the existing icon and click to change to one of the Spoke icons that suits the team better. Once selected, just click "save" to adjust permanently. 

Permissions and Auto-Assign

From the team creation page, you're also able to choose the permissions level on each Team. By selecting everyone, any user in your Spoke account will be able to edit team info and add or delete from the knowledge base (KB). If permissions are set to "invite only" on a team, only verified team members will have that access. 

Underneath permissions, you can also adjust the auto-assign settings. If auto-assign is turned on, when new Spoke requests are created and assigned to this team users within the team will receive notifications that they've been assigned a Request.

Requests are alternately assigned to team members in a rotation. 

Make a team private

In some cases, it might be ideal to have a new team set to Private. To make a new team private, when creating the team just make sure the Request privacy option is set to "on." 

Once turned on, all incoming requests assigned to this team will only be visible to members of that team. 

Tip: when a team is set to private, Spoke recommends making the team invite-only as well to ensure requests are only visible to accepted team members. 

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