Setting up Slack

Spoke is a great tool, made even more powerful by allowing you and your organization to communicate with Spoke without going to the web platform. You can talk to Spoke directly from the tool you already use for communicating - Slack!

Setting Up Slack for Spoke

You'll find the option to turn on your Slack connection within Spoke's settings. 

Within settings, you'll go to the channels option, where the Slack option resides. 

To get started with Slack, just click the slider to on. You'll then be given a button option to add to Slack from Spoke. 


Spoke will connect with your Slack and you'll be asked to authorize the connection. 


Once connected you'll need to invite Spoke into your desired Slack channels. More on that here

Import Users

Once you're ready to launch with Spoke, within the Members tab you have the option to Import Users from Slack. 

You'll be prompted to select which of your Slack users you'd like to invite to Spoke. Please note, once you've clicked Invite, the selected users will get that invite almost immediately - so don't invite them until you're ready for them to use Spoke. 


Want to change what the Spoke bot is named in Slack? This must be done by an Administrator on Slack, but you can make the switch by going to the drop-down menu in Slack on the upper left corner next to your company's name. 

Select Administration, then select Manage Apps. 


Search for the Spoke bot and click for further info. Scroll to where is says "Bot User" and select to Edit Bot Display Name. You can change it to literally anything you like! 

Tip: users can be removed and invitations can be revoked from Spoke at any time through the Members tab within Settings. 

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