Starting a request with email

Spoke can help you get requests resolved from where you're already working. Have a question and you'd rather send an email? You can communicate with Spoke over email! 

On the lower left of Spoke, you'll see an email address that you can use to send in a request. Spoke will then attempt to assign the request to the team that seems like the best fit for your issue. 

You can also send an email request to a specific team directly by going to your teams on Spoke and finding their Spoke address. 

Creating these requests via email works the same as starting the request directly on the Spoke platform. Spoke will attempt to find existing KB resources to respond to the request, and if nothing is found then Spoke will assign the request to somebody in order to get the request handled. 

Spoke will respond with any available resources and you can respond "yes" or "no" when Spoke asks if the response was helpful. This aids Spoke in learning how to help you and if Spoke wasn't helpful, your request will get assigned to a team to get it resolved. 

Tip: if you're sending in a request you'd like to be made private, be sure to send it to a team you know is an invite-only and private team. 

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