Add to KB from Google Drive

As you’re adding KB resources to Spoke, you don’t have to duplicate the information you’ve already created and saved on Google Drive. You can link directly to it from Spoke!

To get started go to your KB tab in Spoke and click the “+” button to add a resource and select the Google Drive option. If you haven’t linked Spoke to your Google account yet, Spoke will prompt you to confirm it’s okay to allow access.


Once your Google account is connected, just select the resource you’d like to attach to your Spoke KB. Spoke will import into the KB as a link, text or document that can be found directly on Spoke when users ask questions.

As you're creating the resource, add it to a Team to aid Spoke in learning how to use it when new requests come in. Select the team before you import the resource into the KB. 

Some important things to keep in mind as you’re importing items from Google Drive:
-large documents have a 20,000 character limit to be text articles in the Spoke KB. If they’re larger than that Spoke will create a link instead.
-any Google doc larger than 5mb will be a link in the KB.
-your Google permissions don’t import over - anything you add to the KB will be available to all members in Spoke.

Tip: you can add up to five Google Drive files at once in a single import. 

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